Lydia Catherine

Lover of sloths and cheesecake, active in the BDSM scene and living with mental illness. You'll probably find me nesting in a local coffee shop, since coffee keeps me alive. 

Today, I'm Not Well
15 days ago
Today, I'm not feeling all that well It's like I've gone back, hidden in my shell I don't want to type or write or sing I just can't do this whole life thing I was happy yesterday, I really was And no...
Don’t Ask Me If I Remember
17 days ago
Don’t ask me if I remember there’s no way I could forget. When triggered, what I could never forget always seems to flash before my eyes in an instance, as if I’m seeing my life again right before dea...
Hey, Could You Love Me?
23 days ago
Hey, could you love me? I have broken bones, they shake and they rattle sometimes I can’t stand straight or crack a smile I feel sick, tired and I never know why and my head screams at me, “Why do you...