Luz Lopez

I was born in P.R in 1964. At age 16 my mother sent me to live with my aunt in the beautiful state of CT. 

Between the ups and downs during my life, I found words to describe my feelings. I

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Not Safe
5 days ago
Where did it go wrong? Have you noticed how everything is changed?what happened? I ask myself over and over again. Kids used to be able to play outside “Simon says," “hide and seek” or any other game....
My Story
3 months ago
One day someone somewhere will notice my talent and offer me a job. One day I will write a poem, a story or anything they want. This is what i like to do, it’s what i do best, it’s where I pour my sou...
One More Day
3 months ago
Mother, you don’t know what I would do just to have another day with you...a day to make things better all the way through. Another day to make you smile instead of making you sad, a day to walk next ...
Born This Way
3 months ago
I never wanted to be a girl, I always wanted to be a boy I felt uncomfortable looking like a girl when I just wanted to be a boy. My mother never said no, she was able to comprehend that even tho i wa...
This Life of Mine
3 months ago
One day I woke up from my sleep and realize that life has no meaning if we don’t have a reason to live, I looked around my room and there was no one else but me. Living this lonely life where everythi...
Love at First
3 months ago
From the moment we met I can’t stop thinking of you and every day that goes by I just want to be with you. I know that it’s too soon for me to feel this way I also know that you know that we will be o...