Lucas Joanis

a year ago
I Hello, hell-toed Luna. Hello yellow Sun! Hello mellow helloes Signifying day begun. Hello to “good morning,” Hello to “good night,” Hello to the zenith, Sill’s silly hillèd light. “Hello,” in arriva...
a year ago
The Sun arising feasts the sleet of snow, Quenching yeast with water from its melt, Umb’ring the boreal bunny pelt, Emaciating winter cajoled b’low. The calendar marking solstice marks bazaar, Sapiens...
a year ago
I hail from a hailless land, Like a flea hopped on a hairless head, Missing misting misanthropic, Balding scalding showers. I hail from a hailless land, No hail nor filléd pail of rain, Nor sleet nor ...