Lucas Hyman

Hello! I’m Lucas. A Jewish-Puerto Rican, Native to the Northwest, and lover of Social Justice/Revolution! Feel free to read my articles as I write them! Everything I write has kept me up at night and comes from the heart.

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The Shower
2 years ago
The shower has always been my waterfall A place of isolation A place of meditation My form of solace Water fell when I reached catharsis And heat rose when I didn’t know what to say My feet were froze...
The Moon
2 years ago
Although the moon goes through phases, Nothing fazes the moon. The crickets continue to incessantly chirp. I am not the moon. I see the moon every night, though, And it watches me go through phases of...
The Butterfly and the Bee
2 years ago
The butterfly sees everything it could be The bee is paranoid of everything around it. This makes the butterfly naive to reality And the bee unable to see the good in others. While the butterfly obser...