LJ Chaplin

22, poet/writer, UK

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Do Not Disturb
9 months ago
I left the light on in my head To let you know that I am home, Glazed eyes Say otherwise So leave a message on my phone. I can't come to the door right now, My feelings are getting in the way, Heart r...
Closed for the Night
a year ago
Curled up in a ball To close the space between My body and the Universe, Pull the sheets above my head, To block out the Sun, And let the light disperse. Wait until the stars arrive, Before I walk thr...
Nuclear Lovers
a year ago
When the bomb starts to fall, Plummeting towards the Earth Remember what you whispered In my ear the night before. As it explodes and the air We breathe is shattered and Propelled into chaos, Amongst ...
Down By the River
a year ago
Never before had I experienced Such perspicuity Until I saw the water. It flowed, So leisurely, So casually, So effortlessly. I was perplexed by its clarity And peaceful motion, As if the valleys crie...