Linxi Van Romanovski

An obsession with origin stories, I write and rewrite my own. I don’t need a happy ending, I just need to know there is something else, something other than this. Give me something worth believing.

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The Art of a Woman
2 days ago
There is no greater feeling than despair. It accompanies every emotion and eats you from the inside out. It's overwhelming, the loss of control, the inability to pull this back from the brink. Spendin...
Shame That Is Not Shameful
5 days ago
Actions cannot be undone, words cannot be unsaid. There is an ineloquence to her silence, it is loud and it is blunt. Her heartbeat echoes in her ears, a taunting metronome beating each second as if t...
Naked Is Not Enough
9 days ago
We all have boundaries, limits, rules; we are the only ones who know how far we can go, how much we can take. We learn from experience, we know how far to push, but never to cross, because nothing is ...
Uncommon, Abandonment
10 days ago
You are memorable, because you were different. Past tense. I am forgettable because I am the same. Present. …hardly a gift but current nonetheless. You were one I wanted to believe. She was one I want...
Damaged Goods
11 days ago
“there is no shame in crying in an empty room, the walls will keep in what you cannot” I am empty as this room now. I am hollow as your eyes, empty as your words and solace finds me no where I would w...
15 days ago
She always leaves the party early. They don't ask why anymore, they just wait for the call. "I’m at the other side of town..." She fumbles through old mail on the counter to find an address. She is al...