Lexys Sillin

Creative writer, social worker, Psychology student, scientific editor, and research assistant

Advocate for the Oxford Comma

Instagram: lexylouhooo

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Good Morning
2 months ago
Time gave way and fled in awe- How do I deserve the pleasure? For all the names I can recall, could not provide an even ledger. Machines, Motown and marbled counter, cannot deter from legs traversed. ...
A Spot for Everyone
2 months ago
There’s a spot for everyone: Sometimes in the gap of gum where a tooth split. Burly hands tried to guide and slipped in the process. It was an awfully out of place tooth as is. Now, there’s more room ...
Sentiments of Coffee Beans
3 months ago
I’m sitting in a room made up of only big white walls, and in the corner shadows start to cast. With the coffee growing cold at the bottom of a white mug the grinds sit in backwash, just as bitter as ...
Over a Cup of Coffee
3 months ago
The consequence of the times our eyes stayed locked, reluctant to stray, not even to the hideous wall décor: To the seconds I vanished in the cadence of your laugh, indulged in the way you held your m...
Where Have You Gone?
3 months ago
Consequentially, I am triumphed as I recognize these ebbs of emptiness stem from you. Your absence, your lack thereof, is stifling to the entity that we created together, persistent and aching, synaps...
Hunt for Lonely Girls
3 months ago
Have you seen them? The Lonely Girls? And the boys who get tangled up in them? I’ve never seen how it starts, but I’ve seen how it ends. They come back to the bar that they met. He orders a light beer...