Leigh Hooper

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Hi I’m Leigh and I like to write!

My Twitter and Instagram handles are: @leighooper

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a month ago
My body does not know defeat, my body just know these feet keep moving forward. Never look back. Do not hesitate, because that undecided fate is the shit I hate. Don't stop for you may fall, fall thro...
What Is Love?
a month ago
Inspired by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye's, "When Love Arrives." - Love is not what you think it is. Love blinds. Love hides... the truth from you. Love says he loves you and he does not mean it. I do not ...
I Love Him, Forever
2 months ago
Is it cheesy if I say the love songs remind me of him? We started out on a whim. A drunken kiss, midnight on the dot. We fell in love without a thought. Is it weird if I say it felt right? I knew it f...
Slam Poetry 1
6 months ago
At age six I realized I could sing. At 10 I wanted to be an author—nothing has changed since. At 12 I got my first ‘boyfriend,’ I’m sure you know how that love goes. At 15 I felt my first heartbreak. ...
Fire and Ice
8 months ago
In this love story, we are both fire and ice. On the bad days the conflict burns my throat and he is so cold. On the good days though, we are inseparable. We melt into each other's arms. We simmer qui...