Leigh Fisher

I'm from Neptune. No, not the farthest planet from the sun, but from Neptune, New Jersey. I'm a writer, poet, blogger, and an Oxford comma enthusiast.

I go by @SleeplessAuthor on Twitter and @SleeplessAuthoress on Instagram.

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Sketch to Masterpiece
4 days ago
Residual damage is the kind of breakage that doesn’t leave you as soon as you’re free. It lingers in your lungs like the stain of smoke from years of inhaling toxins. It won’t recede easily it takes y...
The Power of Poetic Devices
6 days ago
Modern poetry is largely written in free verse, a trend further popularized by most literary magazines straying away from fixed forms and rhymed work. However, even with the freedom brought with free ...
The Road Behind
22 days ago
I may not be as calm or peaceful as I should be I may not yet be the surface of the bay on a windless day perfectly tranquil like glass shimmering in evening sunlight I may still overreact creating di...
a month ago
your actions show you think that I’m nothing clearer than a thousand words could tell. I could keep writing about you wasting my words on you but in your eyes I am not worth your time, your courtesy, ...
a month ago
my colors are vibrant, my smile is true softness and welcoming exuded like the inviting petals of a flower that look too pure and too true to contain anything that could hurt you though I’ve become so...
a month ago
this can’t be real, I think when faced with the ground breaking apart beneath my feet when I have no chance to turn back around or flee in a new direction but somehow there’s still some part of me bui...