Lazy Perfectionist

Creative being with an anxious mind. 

Cuddles and kitties put a smile on my face.  

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Thinking of My Favourite Person
8 months ago
You were my protector... My teacher... My cheerleader... My shoulder to cry on... My best friend... My favourite person in the world. I long for the days I would come by for a cup of tea and a chit ch...
Monday Mood
9 months ago
I rolled out of bed this morning. It was a struggle. I feel like I haven't slept a wink. Time to jump up and do it all over again. Work, work, work. But....but...bed is so comfortable. Curled up in th...
No Worries
a year ago
The mind is such a funny place. Stuck inside this busy space. Let me love, let me out. None of us really know what it is all about. Sometimes I sigh, sometimes I cry. More often than not, I smile. I t...