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Welcome poetry lovers! At the end of the year, 10% of all earnings and donations will be given to a non profit organization. This year you will all be helping The Garage Community and Youth Center of Kennett Square! Thank you!

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LaForge Instills New Life into Ancient Myth
a month ago
Published by Ravenna Press in 2017, the poet and prose author Jane Rosenberg LaForge's work Daphne And Her Discontents weaves a complicated, personal family history and ancient Greek myth into a compl...
Flashes of Attraction but No Reaction
3 months ago
Passion and sexuality are often (if not THE) most powerful muses for poetry, unfortunately the poetic verses of Adrian Ernesto Cepeda do not do justice to the more steamy, erotic side of humanity. His...
'The Minute' Is Immense in Young's Poetry
3 months ago
Michael T. Young's poetry book, The Infinite Doctrine of Water, reads as the notebook of an obsessive naturalist who is desperate to record every last detail found in the world around him. It can be s...
W. R. Rodriquez's Words Guide Readers Through the Beautiful Bronx
5 months ago
W. R. Rodriquez's Concrete Pastures of the Beautiful Bronx was written ten years ago but it could have stepped off the presses today. Its passion is streaked with cynicism and yet this collection is f...
Stephen Byrne's Award Winning Poetry Cuts Deep into Societal Stagnation
5 months ago
In this day and age (or as it has been since humanity evolved to create power structures in order to keep each other in check) everything is political, and Stephen Byrne's Somewhere but not here is no...
Afternoons in the Kennett Square Library
6 months ago
Kids appear in a swarm from outside. Energy absolutely radiates around them! No corner is safe from their bubbles of laughter bursting into the air. Now, the focus turns to newly returned books overfl...