Laticia Vargas-Mendoza

Aspiring writer. I have been writing poetry since I was 6. Now I have the courage to share with you. I want to write as a career and help support us. your support is greatly appreciated too and will allow me to keep following my passion.

Waters of the Mind
19 days ago
This ship was never meant to man alone, but yet I do so. Always have, always will. every sailor, every friend, Once we boarded a dock It was a rare sight to have ever seen them return for, if, I had n...
The Look
22 days ago
The eyes that soothe my anxious mind. The soft smirk that that clams my hyper limbs. The eyes that tell me I am beautiful. You stare as if looking at a gem. I feel so vulnerable to your gaze. I can fe...
My World in You
22 days ago
From the air I breathe to the warm touch and caress of your hands. A touch as though I’ve just been kissed by the sun. The peace I find when I get lost in you. Never have I been so struck by such a co...
Status Quo
22 days ago
In a world ruled by gilded beauty and false idols. When all that defines you is who you know and your choice of clothes. In a time of being so divided, people scream across the roads to one another ab...
Night Owl Mistress
23 days ago
I am a slave to the night. A third degree I have bared for so many years praying, to whomever is supposed to hear, for one evening of peaceful slumber and a still mind. But for this nocturnal consciou...
My Dear Predator
23 days ago
Alone I am fierce and valiant in my own ways and nothing can move me from where I stand. I am brave and independent. I am stronger than those whom I see. But, alas, in your presence I am but a small s...