LaNesha Stile

"Never focus on the shade stay too busy shinnin ~ LANESHA N.R. STILE

BETTA: I'm better than what I went through & will be SO better after I get through.


FMOT & Snap: @SoBetta_Fr

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8 months ago
Do not doubt what I know that I am about. Nothing will bring frustration to my soul than pain. It's truth that pain will start my gain. No fixing is what I want, for it must adapt to a hurtful soul. W...
You Name It
8 months ago
Do you 👀 what I 👀? (Rhetorical) Covered from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Perfect imbalanced of a well balanced rocky lifestyle. Understanding that I'm only here for a lil while. So ...
Letting Go Moving Forward
9 months ago
Loving me and who I aim to be Effortlessly dug deep down inside of thee To acknowledge that I wasn't even involved with me Tainted by false systematical stereotypical generational cruses who claim who I ought to be. Intuition screaming please be free! Naturally healing all of me Genuinely accepting who I am to me Gaining inner peace staying in tune with thee Overjoyed with the new peace with me. Mainly at the fact I'm not who I used to be Overthinking flee from me Victorious in the moves I make ...