Laine Chmielewski

my impulsive writing, enjoy :)

After Goodnight Part I
11 days ago
Soft yellow cashmere and Sunflower fields make up a majority Of the dream, you can’t remember. Waiting in the sinking elegance As the sun sets between the crowded streets. You missed the green light P...
Circadian Rhythms
14 days ago
"Keep every light on, and window open during the day. And turn them all off about an hour before. Don't use things with bright lights as to disrupt your eyesight, And never get into your bed except to...
14 days ago
Tear-stains left from yesterday Can be washed off with three-hundred dollar skincare Then put back again at night. Lungs filled with hurting, Ease into the sunset But hyperventilating isn't the same a...
White, Broken Cars
17 days ago
She liked interesting patterns and gave the starring role with artificial light from the top left of the frame. She holds herself With upmost priorities, and soft, white cashmere holds her accountable...
18 days ago
Rooftop breezes pass through her hair Mind running with thoughts of yesterday Ultraviolet leaving burns for tomorrow. She gets into her car to turn the keys right, The check Engine light never turns o...
Beautiful Woman, Dangerous Touch
19 days ago
White gold dripped from the bathtub Flesh scattered around the room, The bones and muscle catching up behind Eyes filled with tears And mouths filled with drugs This was the night you dreamed Never be...