Lady Psyren

I am an independent artist and writer based in Milwaukee, WI. I've always enjoyed writing and I use nature to help me do it. I write Hip-Hop/R&B and Video Game Music. My poetry is usually about the world as I see it and my culture.

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A Loss for Time
9 days ago
Time works in a funny way Sometimes it’s night, sometimes it’s day We make it exact, We make it late Throughout the month, it comes with a date Time is a bit controlling If you ask me Most of it just ...
A Grandmother’s Poem
a month ago
You carried me before they carried me You felt my heart beat You knew I would be here Even if you didn’t Your time to us is precious It means more than the world That’s why your flowers are given With...
A Mother’s Poem
a month ago
From day 1, You have carried me in your heart Even when I grew strength to walk, You told me we would never be apart Growing into a life of my own I’ve never strayed afar Even after you thought you wo...
2 months ago
I can’t seem to think My mind is too clouded Trying to please too many people The favors get louder I need a place to settle One calm and serene A place where I can focus On more than just the scene I...
2 months ago
I am an Anomaly. At least, that’s what I feel like. Something that deviates from what is standard normally; Something that is kept from the light. I am a black girl, Who is seen as loud and angry in t...