Lacy Walters

I'm a space case, which is convenient considering my home is among the stars. I'm a writer-of-all-trades. I always have been and I always will be. 

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Waking into Reality
10 months ago
As time drags on, the days crawl along and we mistake our pain for joy. We long for what we cannot have and laugh… No pain, no glory. Fires blaze in the eyes of angels as they shriek and fall to hell....
Survival of the Fittest
10 months ago
Lonely is the solitary sunflower as it sways in the wind, dancing to an organic tune only she can hear. Her unrelenting persistency Is bleeding through in her ability to flourish where one normally sh...
10 months ago
I remember you were happy once. Before the incoherent speech slurring wasted wishes that have long since passed. I remember when your eyes would glisten at the laughter of your children, before those ...
Geometric Flowers
10 months ago
Oh how the skies open to reveal the depths of creation. Andromeda joins Apollo in a perpetual dance among the stars. And beneath the spherical eye of the cosmos, an incorporeal sunflower blooms. Go fo...
A Perspective of Truth
10 months ago
We live in the kind of world where no one wins. but we continue to place ourselves on top. This is our discerned reality. But no one bothers to read in between the lines of the ideal lives we are pers...