Kye Earley

I'm a 23 year old creative. I write, act, make youtube videos (search CoffeeCat, you'll find me!). I also really really love cats. I do magic and tarot, so those themes sometimes slip into my work. Oh, and I'm secretly a mermaid. 

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3 months ago
Here I hide, underneath dirt fertilized and doused in water. I am still a seed, staring up at the surface from my indent. "Grow," she urges, wiping muddy and tattered gloves across her face. Sprigs of...
Death of the Caterpillar
a year ago
I lay decaying on a bed of roses, porcelain skin crystallized and painted pink by my family. They all dress in black, my mother in her loosest dress, my father in his only suit. They cried the day I l...
a year ago
My seafoam hair comes out in clumps, tangled strands winding around my fingers every time I brush back my bangs or twirl dry and splitting curls. I am used to it now, dropping handfuls everywhere I go...
Big. Chubby. Fat.
a year ago
Big. Chubby. Fat. 11 years old, I stare at the mirror and whisper the words to myself, unaware of each syllable’s toxicity. Big. Chubby. Fat. 13 years old, I cover my body and repeat the words in my h...
Body Odor and Cigarettes
a year ago
When I was a little girl I told my daddy I liked the smell of his truck, and he lifted an eyebrow at me, gripping the steering wheel with calloused hands and told me it was "nothing but body odor and ...
a year ago
Have I forgotten my glasses? Or is this parking lot blurry because tears are racing each other down the blush on my cheekbones, desperate to reach my smeared lipstick whose imprint has been repeatedly...