Kourtney Risher

I'm a poet and an aspiring novelist from El Dorado, AR.

She's Not There
a month ago
She's not there. She's the shadow of the spider that crawls at the corner of the wall at night, She's not there. She's the whisper of the wind through the window cracks when you can't sleep. She's not...
Here Lies
3 months ago
A blonde woman in a white sundress stands at a wooded grave. Here lies Frederick Bartebly. Born October 13, 1980. Died December 30, 2010. After her shift she found his body slumped over on their bed-f...
Rooftop Angel
5 months ago
He didn't believe in angels but a beautiful creature with golden hair, sapphire eyes, and soft cream skin made him think twice. Another held the key to her pearly gates, so he admired her magnificence...
The Day
9 months ago
Dominic can see his wedding day when he closes his eyes. The skies are grey and mist fills the air. He is wearing a black tuxedo and the dress of his love matches color. A veil covers her eyes. The br...
Five Ounces of Life
10 months ago
She was a delightful fantasy that burned in him as bright as her phoenix red hair. She was an elegant balance of beautiful and sultry, Aphrodite in black lace. She was five ounces of life poured into ...
It Crawls
a year ago
It crawls out of the darkness and gazes at you with its dead white eyes. It licks its lips and grins at you with razor-sharp teeth. It sneaks up on you when you're content with yourself. It cackles at...