Khepera J

Poet. Writer. Singer. Artist. Creator. Goof. Bbq wing and birthday cake lover. Mississippi Born & Raised. Love Ya 3000 ❤️️

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This Is For You
4 months ago
This is for The days that I didn’t want to get out of bed For the days that I didn’t want to show my face The days where I didn’t answer my phone The days where I cried in the shower Or just cried in ...
What Do You Do?
4 months ago
What do you do? When you have no hope for tomorrow Because you don’t expect anything new Because it has been the same way for so long And you wonder if it will ever change You wonder if karma is getti...
4 months ago
Beautiful are the colors that unite you and I together You embraced me and I felt the vibrations of your spirit You glanced at me and my whole existence made sense I knew I was meant to chase my dream...
Free Love
4 months ago
I want to love you freely Not conformed to any shape at all Only to the love we make To the space that we fill That goes beyond the heavens and the earth Beyond the whole universe I want to love you f...
4 months ago
Yes You have the right to be yourself But why not be great? Why not be pure? Why not make yourself happy? After all, you are living for yourself No one else Is held accountable for your actions Life i...
Dear Lover
4 months ago
I don’t want to say I remember I just want it to be the same I’m in love with you So deep I barely know what to do The way you make me feel Is so unreal You give me chills Wrap your arms around me Let...