Khali Raymond (savage writer)

Reborn -, IG: @__trpyshvt_

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11 days ago
i heard about this amazin’ woman doin’ amazing things, right? it was just a random day and i was on the snap normally i don’t swipe right in the app but something of interest caught me once i did so i...
11 days ago
I can’t do no nine-to-five punching clocks and taking orders from bald guys in suits. No, no, no That ain’t for me. Following ridiculous and redundant dress codes? No, no, no That ain’t for me. Dealin...
Who Will I Lose Next?
11 days ago
times really done changed my circle got smaller and smaller i can’t believe how many people i lost over the years sometimes, i be thinking who will i lose next? times really done changed i was a bratt...
I Miss High School
11 days ago
i miss my classmates from high school i miss the girls that i crushed on in high school i miss the friends that i had in high school i miss the teachers i miss the desks i miss the blocks i miss it al...
Your Reaction
11 days ago
Hey, what’s been going on? I was just thinking about you It’s been some time since we last caught up, enjoying life? I’m glad you enjoyed the book I wrote you… It took a lot for me to do that for you…...
Meet the Daniels
11 days ago
thank you for coming today. why don’t you take a seat place your coat on the rack in the corner there feel free to slip your shoes off, we ain’t in the South Ward no more ahem, Dirty South they call i...