Khali Raymond (savage writer)

Reborn -, IG: @__trpyshvt_

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9:31 AM Interlude
9 days ago
i been flipping thru pages upon pages crammed with monologues by my favorite authors, from Langston Hughes to James Baldwin my will to create poems burns quicker than an incense this ain’t a charade i...
9 days ago
as a kid i thought the world was this carnival that had all your favorite rides and concession stands with all your favorite candy all your favorite foods and all your favorite friends were there havi...
These Times When I Got No One to Talk to
9 days ago
i’m flowing and i can’t stop these thoughts are too deep a life boat wouldn’t even keep you afloat these times when i got no one to talk to i talk to the pen that’s the only thing that’ll listen to me...
Birthday Gift
10 days ago
I didn’t forget the occasion. Oh man, look at the time It’s a bit after eight. Did I come to the gathering a bit late? Did I have to flash security my identification just to snake my way past the gate...
Food (For Thought)
10 days ago
You hungry? Skipped breakfast? Munch on what I got to spit to you today 2019 has been the year that I’ve tapped into my hidden DNA Origins of my incarnations, been here for multiple generations My rea...
Me and You
10 days ago
come in my direction, let’s settle for more rather than less chilling in the backseat, riding into the sunset this may not be the honeymoon you were expecting two different ethnicities comin’ together...