Khali Raymond (savage writer)

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How Have I Been Playing Small
5 days ago
i am guilty for playing small i do that a lot maybe i do so to protect myself or to blow people away once i get the chance to play bigger i mean that’s why i dubbed myself “The Chameleon” i can adapt ...
Lessons That I've Learned in 2018
5 days ago
what was 2018? an eye-opener, that’s for sure to be more concise and formal, a revelation what are the lessons that i’ve learned? lesson one: nothing happens overnight i’m glad that i’ve learned this ...
Garamond Givenchy
5 days ago
uh, uh, uh, uh if i could turn back da hands of time maybe moved to a different neighborhood or got my father to choose a different day job the tribulations of the world would not have even fazed me a...
Being a Player Is Played Out
6 days ago
being a player is played out i don’t see the joy in bragging about how many people you’ve slept with i hope you were wearing some protection AIDS ain’t something to boast about i don’t see the joy in ...
Asperger Stigmatization
6 days ago
Fragmented, I felt. Like someone just picked me up And bussed me straight onto concrete. Did God do that to me? I never asked to be born with such an infliction that made me a dummy for children to ta...
I've Achieved So Much Without You
6 days ago
hard to go back to someone hard to go back to someone it ain’t work with initially hard to be the person that i was from 2015 to 2017 i’ve achieved so much without you look at me, i’m on TV look at me...