Khali Raymond (savage writer)

Reborn -, IG: @__trpyshvt_

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My Mind Is Made Up
2 days ago
i have decided that a prolific, troubled artist is who i wanna be fully convinced, all the closure a brother needs there’s nothing you can do to change me i don’t care how many shots you throw too muc...
Men Don't Like Being Catcalled Either
2 days ago
ladies: here’s something that you need to know men don’t like being catcalled either whenever women push up on me just to get inside of my pants that makes me uncomfortable whenever women ask me about...
Nothing Is Everything
3 days ago
According to my predicaments I refuse to let those become excuses Nothing is everything, I know I can turn that into something I know I can project a thought and act upon it I know I can retain the sp...
What You Think?
4 days ago
i just wrote another bestseller what you think? i just gave another amazing speech what you think? i just designed another kickass book cover what you think? i just went from 0 to 100 real quick what ...
Graveyard Shift
4 days ago
2 in the morning, the smell of loud following you through the studio caterers came through, we had a dinner to remember got the wine pouring, now i’m in motion ready for action, finna’ tackle this gra...
Pain and Misery Became My Advantage
4 days ago
if there’s fuel left in the tank, then put it to use i see adversity as an opportunity for growth, not an obstacle i enjoy it when they doubt me i enjoy it when they write me off i enjoy it when they ...