Kenshae Westmoreland

I focus on non-fiction and poetry writing, but I am a freelance writer. Currently, building my resume and working on a personal blog.

 IG @thealexiusk DM serious Inq.

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2 months ago
"Women are powerful, women are bold, women are the most important people” We bring life, We bring happiness, and We bring love. W for wiser, O for outgoing, M for mature, E for excellent, and N for ni...
2 months ago
Inspired by the movement, is inspired by K, which is inspired by me, and one think movement steady change. Where I’m from it’s like the jungle and I’m the prey, Like back in the day, when Harriet Tubm...
Struggling Through My Life with No Regrets
2 months ago
Wait I don’t know what to say. Wait I don’t how to say it, wait... wait... when I was 12 years old, only twelve, I was offered to have sex for money with some men but told not to snitch. That’s when i...