Kendall Earl

I am a student at University that is majoring in English. I hope to be a novel writer and am trying to work on my writing skills. I hope you enjoy my work.

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Ready for It
a day ago
Step Step Step Soft breeze against my skin Hair swaying but still staying Slowly moving past the trees Step Step Shuffle Step Wind is picking up Glasses are fogging up Hair blocking vision Shuffle Shu...
Fairy Lights
2 days ago
Fairy lights above my head Sitting high above my bed Twinkling in the darkened room Pastel pinks and blues bloom Dozing off as they shine I hear a faint and tiny whine In the corner of my eye A tiny f...
Cold Time
23 days ago
The laughing children now in their warm beds The adults grumpily awaiting their cues to shovel Snow laying claim to all other's homes and lawns Blending into a crunchy wonderful mess. I'm the lone exp...
Electric Bill
4 months ago
I'm scared of being an adult, yet I know I so will Dad says life is like paying an electric bill "You can't live without any light" But you don't have to pay it every day and night "You know what I'm ...
The Lightning Walk
4 months ago
With branches and vines keeping it hidden A path sat between the forest and town On no map it could be found Nor seen from high in the sky A young soul wondered too far away From their family and frie...
The Moth
4 months ago
A black moth swam in the warmness The glow of a bright orange streetlight It doesn't get too close, it is far too smart Yet not smart enough to flutter away The bright bulb flickers Plunging the small...