Kelsie Tyler

Writing is my way of coping with the struggles I face everyday. Ideas are constantly running through my mind on what to write next. Having an escape that is also my dearest pure bliss. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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The Tunnel
5 months ago
Darkness is all you see before you. Do you go through the tunnel and face your fears? Or do you stay out here at the entrance? Never to know what's on the other side. Is there light at the other end? ...
The Art of Love
8 months ago
Love is a strong force. It comes in many forms. Some are obvious and some are not. The obvious one is saying "I love you." But what about the not so obvious? Well, let's think of some! Texting or call...
Life in the Theatre
8 months ago
Lights. Camera. Music all throughout the theatre. People running all around. Director calling all the shots. Stage left and Stage right. Crew setting lights and props up. Costumes galore! The smell of...
Our Brave Protectors
8 months ago
Boots. Dog Tags. Camouflage. Distance. That is what life is for many years for some. Alone. Afraid. Worried. Proud. Emotions you feel every single day. Guns. Wounds. Shouting. Air Strikes. Words you t...