Keegan Roembke

I am a poet? and I didn't even know it??

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Dear Amsterdam
3 months ago
Amsterdam dancing with my soul Can we call for a moment, lovely Amsterdam, please pick up the phone Under bridges Along dancers We were never there together at least That's where I imagine us Becoming...
Burnt Orange Train
3 months ago
I wandered around the old streets alone Squared like a chessboard stripped of its hues Set in weathered brown against the sky’s navy blue I thought about when we lived on that slow-moving train Washin...
Set of Tricks
3 months ago
small talk conversation with a stranger I met on the street. leading off with a question for the man with smelly feet. asked him why he’d rather die than speak with me right there. leaving now with a ...
My Own Civil War
4 months ago
I am certainly moving; whether forward or back, I am entirely uncertain But, I am being moved I was here awhile ago remembering the pain; it’s self-inflicted again that much I do know I was certainly ...
Notes on Mindset
4 months ago
Every little ache, scratch, nuisance, pop, click, nags at my conscience until I take notice, eventually shoving it to the rear of my mind with the help of external forces, until they persist later on,...
My Thoughts on Time
4 months ago
what’s borne our consciousness? choice after choice in an ever-moving state with the perpetual feeling of an abstract dead weight a glimmer of hope is revealed but stays stagnant in the corner hope dr...