Kayton Hickenlooper

I write to clear my mind. To get out of the fog of daily confusion. An artist by heart. To live, laugh, and grow. 

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The Midnight Sky
a day ago
I have decided That I am taking a trip Out into the night sky I have been captivated my the moon And the way she moves I have my lasso And I've tossed it out Got hooked on her crescent ridge And now I...
3 days ago
Like messages through the night We can see a story That is our of sight Like a little birdy Or a whispering tune We are told the things That we are meant to do As sacred as the heat from the sun We wa...
3 days ago
When the eyes are shut A story is told Memories of the past Visions of the future Adventures to go Visiting the worlds That only the soul knows With mindfulness Meditation And just being still You ope...
How Do You Do
10 days ago
Sitting here having a drink At the same old place that everybody meets Same old faces The same old crowd Sometimes I wonder Is this the place for me Or am I caught up in melancholy That I forget how t...
Forever and Always
a month ago
My beloved I know we are separated by the seeing eye And oh how much I long to see you again You are in my heart and forever reserved in my mind It is like you have every heart string within your gras...
The Forest of Chaos
a month ago
As I walk through the forest of chaos It is like a tornado of jabber floating through the air No knowing which way to turn Someday who to even talk to The ground is on flames The trees are high Branch...