Kayleigh Taylor

I am an aspiring writer, with a love for writing the raw reality of love, romance, depression, marriage and sex. Both fact and fiction.

I like to write articles about taboo subjects, that leave a gateway for an open civilised debate.

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Self Destruction
a month ago
I'm but a tiny seed, nestling to my mother's breast. I'm strong minded, yet still scared like all the rest. Developing eyes and wandering hands, leave me blind and unable to touch. Spinning non stop, ...
a month ago
Without the fear of failure, we live to fail. Without the freedom of choice, we fail to live. Without the courage to stand, we fall to all weaknesses. Without our weaknesses, we fail to stand tall. Wi...
Daily Struggle
a month ago
For a second I wake up, the pain has gone. Then I move slightly, feeling it come on. Always my first thought, just one day. Just one day, make the pain go away. Today my bones crack, I barely can move...
A Moment of Despair
8 months ago
Upright I pounce, as sweat pours down my face I'm gasping and fretting all over the place I scratch at my skin and start to riff at my hair My mind starts to spin and I feel in despair I hold on to my...
Childhood Memories
9 months ago
I remember when the trees, appeared a brighter shade of green. I remember when my dreams, didn't take much to believe. I remember being five, and feeling so alive. I remember when the sky, was wishing...