Kaylee Henrickson

I’m obsessed with everything film related. The writing, video, music, actors... every little piece you need to create a masterpiece! I love. I hope to create my own someday.

Heart Strings
5 months ago
What’s really tugging at your heart strings? What is it that you’ve shoved in so deep? What pain are you avoiding, That makes it so hard to sleep? You’re angry and unhappy, You need to let it go. Face...
“Boys Will Be Boys”
5 months ago
It’s a scary time for the guys out there, Being accused of horrid things, Yes, very scary time, For the boys and the men. But can you tell me when and why, It became so scary for girls to go outside? ...
6 months ago
I fear for my future children, And for the children of others. That they’ll grow up, In a world that doesn’t recognize colors. Always fighting. Always mad. That is NOT the dream we had. I fear for my ...
6 months ago
“What’s your favorite thing to look at?” She’d always ask me, I’d respond with a sly smile, “You of course.” She’d roll her eyes and say, “No. Out there. In the world?” I tended to say different thing...
6 months ago
“Sick” was the word I’d carved into my arm. “Sick” was the word I repeated to myself. “Sick” is what I was. No, Not sick in the soul or sick in the heart, Sick in the mind of endless art. Sick because...
6 months ago
Thank you for the pain and betrayal, For the lack of love and all the lies, I’d rather feel everything deeply and fully, Rather than feeling nothing at all. You’ve shown me your inner self, Now there’...