Kaylee Champa

22 year old writer and psychology student. I write poetry, fiction and more. Inspired by horror shorts, Ray Bradbury and surrealism

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Home Free
8 months ago
I want to build us a thick nest of sailor masts, seawater, and stars I want to run through hollow quarries with you and echo each other's dreams against the stony walls Run my hands over the quartz cr...
10 months ago
Sickly sweet like golden nectar honey drips from the actress’s tongue words unfamiliar her pride is a headlight’s glow a place she’s been before Among sweet cityscape Streams of light and honey and ra...
a year ago
Last night we heard five feet on the weather And her and I prayed for Winter pouring into car windows And trailing into our warmly lit room by our boot tails But it didn’t look promising I listened to...
Sunday Morning
a year ago
This schoolhouse poses as a temple Every sunday opens wide its doors We ride over ocean bridge leading to country road Away from this New England campus that would make Old quaker men rattle their bon...
Hopper's Cage
a year ago
New York lady head hung low and lazy boxes of light cast across her chalky colored cell a city tomb at the peak of brooklyn horizon-free view at her lap If you’re lonely don’t look up doze in barred r...
Water's Drop
a year ago
It is now my time to wander My fingertips traveling the wooden rail cracked open like a wound leaving hollows for the brushing sounds to entice the famined fish Lingering, my body pressed against my o...