Kayla Triplett

I spent a majority of my life in Virginia. I've always wanted to make a difference and I feel I can through my art and writing. I make up stories with emotions I've once felt or dreamed of. Life is a journey and isn't always expected.

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6 months ago
Her eyes sparkled like gems All the colors blending together like water color. Her lashes added mystery When she blinked her lashes covered her eyes hiding the windows to her soul. I wanted her. To lo...
Ocean Waters
a year ago
The ocean looks so beautiful, so innocent. You would have never guessed what horror lied within the surface. Sunken ships, along with the many lives taken, still trapped within the sunken walls and re...
Stuck Between the Wooden Tracks
a year ago
We fell between the wooden boards on the train tracks. We both try to get out, but were stuck and no one is around. From a distance, I hear a faint sound coming from behind us. A whistle from a train ...
Hospital Sorrows
a year ago
I see you laying there In your death bed. Watching as the nurses crowd the room. Checking the tubes That are the only thing keeping you alive. Loud, beeping Smother me in the room. I see your old, wri...
My Darling
a year ago
My darling, I could give you anything you ask just give me the word. I could give you the moon if you wanted. Get a rope, catch the moon and draw it to you for your eyes only to see. I could give you ...
Will You?
a year ago
Will you stay with me when I'm old and grey? To watch as my skin starts to fold, like a rose withering away. To watch as my eyes grow tired and muscles grow weak. Will you stay with me when old and gr...