Katrina Thornley

Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author that graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in English. She lives in the middle of the woods and enjoys hiking, photography, painting, and candle making. 

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2 months ago
There's a life Behind a hidden door, That can't be found in the daylight Where faces fade and masks glow. It's in the bottom of an ocean At the base of a tree Behind layers of bark Where fingers can't...
The Flood
3 months ago
April 2nd, 2018 Love has a way Of finding and forcing a path Into our thoughts, sometimes our day, It isn't always what we expect Hardly what we want on those days Where the stress of nine to five Cru...
American Machine
3 months ago
Weakened frames moving with tilts On bruised and battered stems Waiting for a breath and sunshine, Stuck within confines of hours and ticks Cents and smiles the way of our world, Pushing weakened fram...
Smile... It's Not that Bad
6 months ago
12/21/17 A smile, Worth a thousand words. A thin line Worth more? Or less? The truth in sight But still wonder, Still tell her “Smile, it’s not that bad” And the response Pearly whites, Eager to pleas...
Falls Departure
7 months ago
Another day, Another smile To light eyes And thoughts Anew. A stranger face A stranger voice, Fresh beginnings In an unused file- Thoughts captured Moments glimmer, Tin types in mind. We spend seconds...
8 months ago
Free these veins From chains Formed by ticking hands And growing sums- Beat, beat, beat The heart With songs of smiles and wondrous thought, Chase the firefly Through these woods Of wander In the mids...