Katherine J. Zumpano


Student ~ Journalist 

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Hello, December
16 days ago
Hello, December, how’ve you been? It’s been a while since we caught up; we should spend some time together. Let’s stand outside wrapped in scarves and mittens catching snowflakes on our tongues while ...
Dear Mother Earth
8 months ago
Dear Mother Earth, I want to apologize for what we’ve done to you; for the way humanity has used your wealth and beauty for their own gain and left you with nothing but poisoned air and dying life. We...
The Tulips Are Out
8 months ago
the tulips are out again in the valley, drawing swarms of people like bees with vibrant petals, whole fields turned yellow, red, purple. the tulips are out again in the valley, lined up together in co...
Poet Review: Rupi Kaur
8 months ago
Over the past few years, Rupi Kaur has become one of today's most popular poets. At just 25, the Canadian-Indian poet is the author and illustrator of two New York Times Bestsellers: milk and honey, a...
9 months ago
i’ve never liked long car rides; the hours drag on as the world flies by, legs numb from sitting still in the same spot, same position, nothing to do but wait to arrive at your destination. but long d...
Cherry Blossoms
9 months ago
spring arrives without warning; suddenly the sun stays out till six and rises before you in the morning, the cherry blossoms bloom overnight and each rain brings more flowers, tulips, daffodils, laven...