Kat Garcia

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Anxiety Attack
9 months ago
In and out of consciousness My brains not getting enough oxygen Inhale, exhale is what I keep hearing But there is no point in repeating Cuz those words have no meaning When my air is slowly depleting...
Miss Me
9 months ago
We talk and we talk We laugh and we love But our moments are now leaving Don’t go holding on Your hand on my hand We kiss and we hug But this won’t last forever This won’t last too long So baby I’m so...
Broken Record
10 months ago
Broken heart and broken promises, it's like your words always mean the opposite. Dying laughter and dying love, you always have on your boxing gloves; Both on your head and on your hands and yet it se...
Made for More
10 months ago
Singled out With no where to go. Your friends are all drunk As they put on a show, And you stand there with a drink And your broken heart. Life chews you up And it spits you back out, Is all this pain...
I’m Here for You
10 months ago
I see the tears that you shed, And the pain in your eyes. You tell me you’re fine, But it’s just a disguise. You put up an act, But I know it’s all lies. Baby I’m here for you, Through the smiles and ...
I Want My Life Back
a year ago
I could still hear the screams And see the beer in his hand, As he tried to step closer He could barely stand. So he gave me that look That eats at ur soul; He said, “you’re no good, Just an ugly whor...