Kat Garcia

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No Love
5 months ago
Tonight I didn’t get an I love you on my way home... I thought about today and what would of happened if I died on my drive here. Would you be happy considering how our day went? Relieved that you did...
The Devil
6 months ago
I’m dancing with reflections of the shadows. Depression hides within, Captivating all that matters. The devil’s got a black suit, And he’s waiting at the altar. Red rose in his hand, I’m crying but I’...
Drink Up
7 months ago
All I wanted for my birthday was a spa day to reduce the stress Instead I was dealt a shit weekend babysitting your drunk mess If your job is to never hold your word then I think you have a success Of...
What’s the Point?
7 months ago
My heart is broken; shattered That’s how it feels To lose something that mattered To have it ripped from your arms In an unforgiving pattern It’s like all you ever wanted Has suddenly been captured No...
I’m to Blame
8 months ago
I spent so many hours crying Trying So hard to keep myself from dying Cuz this war I’m fighting inside Can’t hide No more when I’m fighting a war outside as well And while you sleep your pain away I l...
Thanksgiving Morning 2016
9 months ago
Two nights before thanksgiving Is when I got the news. They say you fought hard But reality is what hurts. I try hard to fight the tears But what I hear next, is even worse. They say you won't make it...