Kat Garcia

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The Life of the Worthless
10 days ago
She's swallowed by the darkness that consumes her desperate fears and sadness all confuse her as she screams and cries for help all they do is accuse her accuse her of the petty life she lived accuse ...
Summer Love
a month ago
Ocean waters rolling high Hold my breath I’m going under Baby hold my hand Hold me tighter Hold me longer Salt water in my eyes Love is blinding You got me falling Love so strong Through the sky I’m s...
3 months ago
God bless the soul That never got worn By the bitter and cold Love that you hold God bless the mind Whose eyes are blind By the heartless fools That make you feel alone You’re silent as I take my leav...
Demons Await
3 months ago
In the middle of the night I stay awake Eyes wide open until the day breaks Cuz when I go to sleep I’m in another place Sucked by darkness as the demons wait Close my eyes and I’m paralyzed All my dem...
Sick of It All
3 months ago
You know I’m fucking sick of all this fighting Every fucking day it’s a never ending rivalry I didn’t sign up for the tears I’m crying silently And now I moved in so I got no mother fucking privacy Yo...
Watch Me Suffer
5 months ago
He breathes on my neck. Hot piercing air, “It’ll take just a sec.” I close my eyes. He finds joy In my cries. He’s now got his hand on my throat. And I cry as I’ve lost all control. His grip only gets...