Kat Davis

Writer and poet sharing my deepest and darkest thoughts with those who might relate.

Instagram: katad4


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Best Friend
4 months ago
Our beginning is a fan favorite We laugh every time it’s told It shows how we started And it’ll never get old We’ve had our moments When drama caused us pain We each made our choices We’re (amazingly)...
An Artist's Plight
4 months ago
It all starts with something blank Colors bounce, swirl, hard to grasp An idea Etched in my mind Zooming in and out My pencil starts to move I don’t know… What it is… Yet Doubt Makes the pen shake The...
College Advice
4 months ago
Here’s a little advice From me to you About everything you’ll experience in college And what you have to look forward to Money is rare You think you spend a lot now Just wait for your booklist The boo...
4 months ago
Your eyes sparkle as they try to hold back tears You’re smiling at me without a hint of the happiness I know you’re capable of Your lips whisper the words that tear my heart in half I stand there nodd...