Karim Mami

I am.  I wear many hats.  One of them is the headdress of a musician.  Another is the coif of an author and a poet.  One more is the chapeau of a visual artist.  I think.  I feel.  I create.  I destroy.  I compose.  I decompose.  I am Not-I 

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From Gehenna to Golconda
2 years ago
As time goes by and friendships die, As love once bloomed withers away, I gasp for air and wonder why I long for yesterday. As memories fly and sore eyes cry, a full moon glooms to my dismay, while I ...
Thy Fiery Grace
2 years ago
Of thee, I do not know much still I cannot help but gaze. Thy divine beauty is such that it sets my soul ablaze. Hair of fire, eyes of jade, skin as white as purest snow. My desire will not fade, thou...