K. M. Strong

24 years young and passionate about the arts! Looking to share my words of wisdom, poetry and perspectives with the world

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Riding the High
8 months ago
There's an unspoken poetry in the drug-induced masses, a taboo truth known only by those who’ve tasted it... Collaborating a collective unity of archaic emotion that erupts proudly, loudly and uncontr...
LSD Reflections
9 months ago
Your mind makes use of every hour Like learning to use a new super power. Retrieving my sanity in the shower, It felt like being reborn. No use making sense, no use resisting. Your consciousness strai...
Survival of the Dimmest
9 months ago
Slowly fading into the background of an auto-piloted existence, Where what brings happiness is not enough to wash out the reality of never having enough to be happy. And while the world spins around m...
Raver’s Delight
9 months ago
Ravers unite with love and delight We dance and we trip and we live to excite! Savor the flavor of a raver in flight Our energy thrives like the wind to a kite. With the moon in our eyes and the sun o...
9 months ago
Webs and flower and pods... They flowed out like rivers of Gods Breathing and swirling in streams, Colorful styles ripped at the seams. While the truth of my visions were thin Feeling vibrancy spewing...