Juan Manuel

I've decided to create a profile on this platform to upload some of my work and see if I can make of this my job one day.

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At the End of the Road
7 months ago
I was there, lying at the end of the road, looking for the exit sign, thinking about how to survive one more day, to dream one more night, to smoke a cigarette and write a reflection, to do instead of...
When It Feels Like It's Healing
7 months ago
I don’t feel the way I used to, the sky is grey much more than it is blue, those were the words that started this. When I felt that I was getting less sad than happy, when I started missing less than ...
The Blue Ocean and The Palm Tree
7 months ago
Running inside my mind, from side to side, and somewhere near the place I store the memories of her, a beach with a blue ocean and a palm tree, a bottle of rum, a towel, a beer, a pen, a blank paper, myself, and nothing else but imagination. I could’ve wrote anything but I decided to write about the future. What do you expect about it?.. Flying cars, robotic sex dolls, being slim with a pill and immortal with an injection? What do you think about where the world is going with technology: Do you ...
I Wish it Was a Dream
7 months ago
I wish it was a dream, where everything comes true. I wish I was able to go back where the pub was at, I would go in and I would have a beer, a cigarette, a kiss from a stranger, a handshake, a smile from a woman that was to close and too far at the same time. I wish I was able to go back in time once again where I would meet my old friends, we would laugh, we would talk, we would drink, we would smoke, we would remember. I wish I was able to go back in time in order to be young again, to feel h...