Joy Ergang

Avid poet and writer.

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I Am Human
2 days ago
I am human! Perfectly imperfect. I stand up for what I believe in, and there’s going to be people that get offended for me speaking out. I’m not the sweet, innocent girl people want me to be any more....
It’s Still Triggering
4 days ago
It’s still triggering. I can go days, even weeks, without relapsing. Opening old wounds that I thought healed are hindering my recovery. The images permanently etched in my mind. Been let down by thos...
5 days ago
I’m in bewilderment and awe. Yet you scare me and intimidate me in a way that’s so refreshing when I’m in your presence. Every time you leave, a part of you remains. I want to be closer to you, but th...
7 days ago
There’s a voice prodding me to awaken from the darkness. I’m no longer wanting to be the lost little girl any more. Exploring the roads that were once considered too dangerous to cross. Not being held...
9 days ago
Why should I apologize to those who get offended when I don’t fit in the box they have placed me in? I’m not the person they think I am or want me to be. When faced with the truth, it becomes even mor...
24 days ago
If you only knew the pain I went through to get where I am today. The countless times I’ve contemplated suicide. Would you still be by my side? It’s truly surprising that I’m still alive. There has ev...