Joy Ergang

Avid poet and writer.

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5 months ago
I didn’t anticipate to be living in so much fear. Being abandoned by those who I thought I could trust. No longer belong or feel safe in my own body. An ever expanding void that just can’t be filled. ...
Someone Else’s
6 months ago
Getting tired of this act I’m putting on. Always having a mask readily available to put on a show. Ridden with guilt if I don’t get the script just right by the onlookers who haven’t even read it. Cha...
Incredible Freedom
6 months ago
You have absolutely no idea how incredible this freedom feels like. The ability to truly work on myself without being condemned of my actions. Allowing myself to be lured into such oppression is one o...
Fractured Fragments
6 months ago
I am no longer your muse. Refusing to be burdened by your toxicity and damaging ways. I fought too hard to get this far to allow you burn it all down. Recapturing the life I used to have before you de...
7 months ago
This silence is killing me. I cannot contain my voice any more. Been told to speak up, only to be stopped before I even begin. The carnal damage is ever evolving. Shattered glass is becoming even more...
7 months ago
I fought long and hard to get where I am today. No one knows the darkness I had to battle so far. The storms that some found impassable, I made it through. My story is mine alone, and I don’t need the...