Josh Flannagan

"How beautiful it is to do nothing and rest afterward"

Idly By

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Under Umbrellas
11 hours ago
There’s something mind-numbing and peaceful about walking under an umbrella beneath the rain. The sound of a thousand, tiny lapilli landing with ease above my sheltered head. The smell of wet wind and...
For Perception's Sake
7 days ago
Here I lie. Supine. Looking at the stars. And at the leaves. And everything that falls. On thoughts. But I regard the day. As a light in the sky. Unanswered. Hollowed by the moon. Disloyal. Questionin...
The Ivy Now
15 days ago
The Ivy Now Am I not allowed to kill the ivy behind my home? Am I to be mistook for someone without the Wherewithal to free myself from a beast so constrictive? In truth I only remember the land that ...
The Forgetful Years
21 days ago
Why must we watch our courtyard full of empty accomplishments Break on impact from the height of prosperity? Why must we be stuck viewing life as it Corrodes over sculptures of what we were? We are fr...
The Last Time I Spoke
a month ago
I could see my breath. I could feel the heat. I could touch the viscosity of the air. So I cut it with my soliloquy. I felt the breeze of turmoil on my unshaven face. I felt the wrench turning and sic...
Before Us
a month ago
We are uncurbed Yet forever smothered by voices. Voices call from the outskirts of Memories we think we’ve lost. The voices reverberate off Testaments of power and truth and Freedom. Life is chastened...