Josh Flannagan

"How beautiful it is to do nothing and rest afterward"

Idly By

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A Lily
9 months ago
Once, I saw a cemetery behind a preschool. Foliage swept carelessly across the border between the passed and the future. Statues frowned and feigned under the harsh, adjudicating clouds. Lilies spoke ...
I'll Wait
9 months ago
Always. I’ll remain here, Merely here For you And I Should be I see it. just squint and You will. Too All I know. I’ll wait for all I know. We will Be Content ; Contended, I know I will hold you in el...
10 months ago
I fear many words because I cannot see them. Dearth Paucity Desolateness They have no grounding. They soar. They rest just beyond the depth of vision that I’ve been given. I cannot see them. But I hea...
10 months ago
Honestly, There’s something to be said for immediateness for both our sake and theirs. It fades like the stars, dying over time. Over millions of moments, it fades like the stars. Immediateness reveal...
Under Umbrellas
10 months ago
There’s something mind-numbing and peaceful about walking under an umbrella beneath the rain. The sound of a thousand, tiny lapilli landing with ease above my sheltered head. The smell of wet wind and...
For Perception's Sake
10 months ago
Here I lie. Supine. Looking at the stars. And at the leaves. And everything that falls. On thoughts. But I regard the day. As a light in the sky. Unanswered. Hollowed by the moon. Disloyal. Questionin...