Joseph Civitella

Joseph Civitella, PhD, is a life-long student of metaphysics – the quest for truth, meaning and purpose – and is an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry. He operates the School of LifeWork (

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The Courage to Ask
12 days ago
Sometimes things go awry despite our best efforts to get the outcome we seek. We may assume the blame, or we may assign it to someone else; either way we are called upon to take responsibility for the...
The Fate to Grant Faith
2 months ago
The Fate to Grant Faith The tender heart feels everything in its midst, and allows the world to cast shadows on the path of life, and yet it seeks the strength to look beyond the eclipse and march tow...
Sculptures on the River
3 months ago
Upon the water he laid a rock And to his solitude did he talk The man who came from nowhere Blended into the wide river there One by one he placed the stones In gentle balance with his weary bones And...
Your Real Work
5 months ago
Between dawn and dusk you focus on work, giving life to your job with the illusion that it will give you more life, but there are many ways that the job you do will survive despite your best efforts t...
The Breath of our Laughter
5 months ago
The Breath of our Laughter A spicy remark between friends, and the humour flows like a river released from a dam. All it takes any day of the week is the willingness to make fun of life, work and love...
The Thread of Souls
6 months ago
The Thread of Souls With every beginning of a relationship we endeavour to get it right this time, to not make the same mistakes as in the past, but if there is an end at least we wish to learn the le...