Jose Gabriel

I'm a storyteller in training from Toronto. I like to write about different things that inspire me. As long as I'm creating something that entertains people I'll always be happy with what I do, be it short stories, serials, scripts etc.

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The Exotic Artist
9 months ago
Theatricality formed through millennial evolution which is excessive as it is easily donned. Is only begotten through hospitable elements able to see this show go on in its artistic ways. This beauty ...
The Community Pantry
10 months ago
First, you took a penny then, left another penny. Later, we took literature then, we gave it back. Now, we take the essential and give back the valuable. Little Free Pantries. Tiny, elevated wooden bo...
The Man Who Was Once a Muppet
10 months ago
A short found Poem that I wrote after the news broke about Steve Whitmire being fired from his role as Kermit the Frog. Bits of it contain reflections from the late Muppeteer on several interviews abo...