Jordyn Motsinger

These are my thoughts and feelings I want to share with you

Share My Love
8 months ago
When i used to think about the ocean i always thought about my future About how I’m going to make it in the world A name for myself I would think about the endless horizon and hopes for new life Life ...
My Words
8 months ago
If I read you the words I wrote you’d hear them in my tears. You’d freeze at the trembling in my voice. Your eyes would stare at me lost. Like I was when I wrote it. You’d ask questions I can no longe...
A Letter Back Home
8 months ago
Because I love you I have to tell you how much it hurts To be miles away To be hours away I’m writing this through tears I’m writing this in pain Cause when I’m happy I can’t tell you about it • You’l...
I Thought
8 months ago
You were supposed to make me feel like I lived in the clouds, but I'm afraid of heights. They told me that one day you'd sweep me off my feet, I like my feet to stay on the ground That one day someone...
In Our Childhood
8 months ago
Young and naïve you looked around Taking in the surroundings Can you guess what i see? Learning the world But when did you learn to look at people Was it When locked in the falling bridge trying to ge...