Jordan Miller

Hello there! Im Jordan I am a college student in upstate NY. I am studying theatre in hoping to become a playwright and an author. I am using vocal to help me better improve my writting skills. Thank You!

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Christmas Ornaments​
8 days ago
I went downstairs to the family living room I went down the thirteen steps with excited legs I see the blinding yellow sun take over our empty living room I stared at the dead space of where our tree ...
11 days ago
The kids mustn’t know No way No how The good boys mustn’t hear and the sweet girls mustn’t see It’s too much for their little ears So let's put in a bleep That will solve everything Is what the parent...
a month ago
If I am a man, but kicked like a beast. Boiling pain and chained wrist; pain feast on my skin coated in blood and dirt A name... a name... a sinister name. No face to my recollection. Where is the gho...
I’m So Tired
4 months ago
I’m so tired. I’m so nervous. My body won’t stop shaking. Stomach always hurts. My thoughts keeps going around and around. The blood vessel in my hands keeps throbbing. What do I do? I feel sick. I fe...
Broken Cracks
4 months ago
In the evening hour with the light drip of tinsel rain and the pearl glowing cobble stone striking the town. I take my usual path in the back alley next to the cracked building, damaged windows and no...
Blissful​ Desire
4 months ago
The Sun dim rays touch the tips of her breast Her wings are as large as the infinite sky With every flap of her wing the wind obeys The sun seduces her long golden hair The castles bows to her unearth...