Jordan Ashley

22. Female. INFJ. Cancer. Compassionate. Lover of beauty. @beautythruthebeholder

Where Are You?
a year ago
I’m not looking for a joker for my entertainment But a man who owns, no more paying rent This man, he is a true Godsend He trusts and follows his own distinct flow, whatever is meant Respectable, yet ...
a year ago
So what, do I just wait? You never did appreciate Or even take me on a fancy date Please, where are we going at this rate? Picture perfect words, Can I trust you? My soulmate? You and I, together? Cou...
a year ago
“Do you taste as sweet as sugar?” he asked She reflected…. She used to be like a fine white table sugar; adding sweetness to all she mingled with, even the rejected Overtime, as she combined; her soul...