Jonathan Clewlow

Mind in the Distance
9 months ago
Calm in the sky Moments pass, Days go by Worlds turn and merge with the universe Where are they going, to the other side of the horizon Testing the limits of reality How far can the mind wander, what ...
Look up
2 years ago
Look up, let your mind float A galaxy without a boat Crystal eyes will hypnotize, even run your lies Summer sols, Autumn Aperture Who will capture The cosmic Raptor.
2 years ago
A certain Treasure You will no longer find Used to live in eyes so blind View the clouds,sea and stone Trace back the past, Eat what's sown.
2 years ago
Growing up in this strange land Isn't exactly what I planned Storms sway in the distance Smell what they look like And hear what they see Taste the colour, See the sound Walk on the waving ground.
Guitar Poem
2 years ago
I think he's depressed He must be obsessed So how can it help Try strumming it out Waves of stringed thunder Can solve his cashing hunger.