Jon Baillie

Just an English lad who likes to write.

A New Sky
9 days ago
Do you remember that day? Under a scortching summer sun? Under the cover of a little cafe? Under an English Sky? How we met? I had half a cup of tea left becuase i had dropped the rest in my lap? How ...
Of a Puzzle
5 months ago
Of a land so fair and true; There is always a man, hated by more than a few. He’s different and strange; Many have preferred to see this man locked in a cage. In a world so simple and pure; Was a woma...
Crimson Cascade
10 months ago
You walk the all familiar path, paved in anguish and pain, and cobbled with bones and tragedies. The trees, spiked and torn looking as if they harbour a grudge against you; only just holding onto the ...